SABINA Heavyweight Parka

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Color: Black
Model Height: 5'9"
Model Size: S
The Fit: True to size
The SABINA is a trendy long parka that shields you from the harshest weather conditions, all the way down to -30°C/ -22°F. It features a removable hood, pillow collar, expandable side zipper vents, and ribbed storm cuffs. Filled with high-quality polyester fiber derived from recycled water bottles, our parkas are also windproof, water-resistant, and free of harmful chemicals. Our strict code of ethics is designed to equally consider your need for expressive and affordable fashion, innocent animals, as well as this beautiful Earth we call home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The one and only thing you need for winter

This coat is amazing!!!
it’s so so warm that i’m actually wearing only a t-shirt under it when it’s -2 celsius/ 28 fahrenheit outside. And the zippers for the hands come in handY When i’m on the subway and need to cool down.Also it’s So BEAUTIFUL that i get asker about it every day since i got it. PeopLe actually stop me On the street To ask where Did i get it from. My only wish is that i got it sooneR, maybe this would make me hate winter less :)

Best Coat ever!

I’m one of those people who is always cold, but now, in the dead of winter, i am always warm and cozy in this coat No matter how long of a walk i take! Equally as important (maybe), the style of this coat Is unparalleled. I chose the sHiny silver because winter is bleak and i wanted some brightness. I get so many Compliments every daY! Today, someone even yelled from her car how much she liked my coat! Thank you, noize!

Dope coat!!

It is truly so warm and i get so many compliments on it. My only issue is that there is already a tear in the corner of the left pOcket so i think theyre too deliCate to put house keys in.