Tell us about yourselves! You are both very artistic. What is your background?

We are two kids from Utah who have known each other
since birth. Tezza has always been incredibly artistic, painting, singing, playing music, and taking photos since she was a kid and she eventually studied fine art photography in college. Cole’s background is more in tech and design, always taking web page design courses and working on apps, and eventually studying computer science in college. We both have a deep love of music and Cole actually played in Tezza’s band before we started
dating. That’s actually really where we started to fall in love and realized we had an amazing creative connection. We now run our company together, which is called Tezza, that consists of a photo + video editing app, curated printed art collections and we do a ton of photography and creative direction for other brands as well. 

What was it like designing with Cole and creating a his & hers collection?

It was so much fun for us! We have similar styles when it comes to fashion and we liked the idea of making pieces that can work together on couples. We sometimes share clothes so it made sense for us to look at the collection as a whole and create pieces we would both want to wear.

What is the meaning behind the collection name, Lost In The Sounds?

Cole and I fell in love while playing in a band together. Music has always been our strongest source of inspiration, the places it can take you, the way it makes you feel, the way it brings people together. We wanted a phrase that represented the way the collection made us feel, the way we feel when we are out best and most creative selves, lost in the sounds. 

Could you talk about the must have pieces?

The Carmel trench, it’s the perfect transition piece, something that will never go out of style and perfect for layering. The Blue Penny Lane jacket. Every season I have my staple piece, the one I can put on and know it’s going to be a showstopper. This jacket is iconic and one I will be wearing a lot this year. 

How did you combine your LA and NYC lifestyle into this collection?

We love the chic, timeless, edge of NYC style and wanted pieces that you could wear in the city and feel confident in. Our LA lifestyle has been a nice change though and we are really enjoying the more comfortable, laid back feel here, so it was important to have the pieces not only have that classic city feel, but to be super comfortable and casual enough that you could wear through the seasons as they transition. When designing each piece we thought about how it could be dressed up or dressed down, how one could layer it, really making pieces that most everyone could find something in the collection to match their style. 

What was the inspiration behind your design collaboration with Noize?

This collection was inspired by the desire for timeless classics, clothes that have an authentic vintage with a rock n’ roll element. We wanted pieces that stay in your closest for years that are bold, strong, and essential. We wanted the perfect transitional pieces to style as the seasons change from fall to winter. Inspired by some of our favorite style icons, musicians, vintage cuts, and fits, we created looks that we always hope to find when shopping.

What was it like to work with a brand that has strong values associated with being cruelty-free?

It’s so rewarding working with a company who puts that at the forefront of everything they do and create. Seeing how much extra effort and care goes in to each garment to inspire everyone to be more sustainable and cruelty free is the future and I felt really lucky to be a part of it and hope it continues to inspire other brands to join that mission. 

Can you share with us your most memorable moment on set shooting the collection?

While we were downtown shooting the collection a group of people walked by and told us how much they loved our outfits and asked where they were from. It was so cool being able to say we designed them with Noize and they are coming out in the Fall!