<strong>6 Vegan Pieces For Your Fall Collection</strong>
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6 Vegan Pieces For Your Fall Collection

The nights are getting cooler and the sun is setting earlier, which means fall’s right around the corner. As you swap your shorts and t-shirts for jackets, sweaters, and chunky scarves, you may also be looking to upgrade your vegan fall wardrobe with a new vegan leather jacket or vegan windbreaker.

With a new season approaching, freshen up your outerwear while sipping pumpkin spice lattes or warm apple cider. Enter the vegan fall jacket. The appetizer to winter. Read on for our six fall vegan outwear essentials you need for a cozy, warm, and stylish fall.

Vegan Parka

Parkas are amazing for grabbing a drink at an outdoor patio, watching the sunset in a nearby park, or walking your dog in the crisp morning air. Looking good doesn’t have to be bad for the environment and you don’t have to kill birds for their feathers to stay warm.

That’s why we developed our stylish, vegan parkas to be cruelty-free and conscientiously designed. Water- and cold-resistant, we insulated our vegan parkas with an environmentally friendly and humane insulation alternative, RePET.

The insulation fill is made entirely from reclaimed and repurposed recycled plastic bottles, so you can stay comfy, cozy, and trendy without harming the environment.

Vegan Windbreaker

Want an everyday-meets-edgy choice to add to your vegan fall collection that isn’t too heavy? Something for those days with a bit of wind or light rain? Look no further than a vegan windbreaker. A timeless fashion piece designed to be your go-to top that easily pairs with jeans, loungewear, or activewear. You’ll never want to take it off.

Throw it into your daypack for unexpected weather, or tie it around your waist for a fall hike. Investing in a cruelty-free vegan windbreaker protects you from wind, rain, and any other elements nature throws at you.

You not only keep out the dreary weather with a vegan windbreaker, but you also protect the earth and all its inhabitants.

Vegan Puffer Vest

A vegan puffer vest is a perfect ensemble that keeps you comfy but does so fashionably. From a chilly patio to a mountain town to a fall evening looking at the stars, the puffer vest keeps your core unbelievably warm. Make it ultra-wearable by layering it over your favourite fall pieces for an après-ski vibe.

Our favorite aspect of a vegan puffer vest is that it’s made entirely from cruelty-free materials. Like the vegan parka, we also use RePET. You would never know you’re wearing recycled plastic bottles because these pieces are super soft and big on style.

Vegan Leather Jacket

A vegan leather jacket is a must-have for any fall collection. Our cruelty-free and irresistibly soft vegan leather jackets are not just a superior alternative, but they’re also durable and long-lasting. Donning one of these jackets will make you the fall fashion trendsetter. And yes, your friends will totally have FOMO when they see you walk into the café.

Our leather jackets keep the fixings you’ve learned to love from your normal leather jacket, but without the animal by-products. This ethical alternative is supple and water-resistant, and absolutely stunning. This will become your go-to outerwear for any trip throughout fall.

Vegan Wool Coat

Enjoy the changing seasons in a sophisticated, timeless, and trendy vegan wool coat to step up your fall wardrobe collection. Our PETA-approved vegan wool is just as insulating and breathable as the real thing, but it’s ethical and environmentally conscious.

We all know it isn’t fall without a lengthy vegan wool coat. With wind-resistant and itch-free vegan wool fabric, layer it with your favorite cruelty-free shirt and pants for an outfit that sings pumpkin patches and leaf peeping.

Vegan Bombers

A vegan bomber is our last suggestion to complete your sophisticated fall fashion collection. Historically made from boiled wood, we created our vegan bomber jacket with the RePET and REPREVE insulation alternative.

Warm without being too warm. Stylish and comfortable. Wear it with a tank top and leggings or layer your clothes to stay warm on a bitter day. Throw it on for those drizzly weather dog walks or wrap it around you when you’re snuggled around the firepit.

Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean your standards have to. A vegan bomber is always a stylish choice because sometimes you want to look like you know how to fly a plane.

Regardless of the vegan fall jacket you choose—the vegan bomber, vegan wool coat, vegan leather jacket, puffer vest, windbreaker, or parka—the best one will help transform your wardrobe from “blah” to “ta-dah” when the weather gets chilly.

Draping a stylish coat over anything (yes, even sweatpants) can instantly make it a fashion piece. For the season of cold-but-not-freezing, make sure you treat yourself to something that’ll last a long time and protect the environment.

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