Make some Noize. Kindly.

Noize was founded on the belief that what we wear should look and feel great and champion positive contributions to a better tomorrow.

In today’s climate, consumers don’t just want more from their brands—they demand it. Today’s consumer is savvy and principled. They want to support companies that stand up for what’s right in the world. These are the times we’re living in, and Noize wants to meet the moment. Noize is an apparel brand designing cruelty-free, sustainable and vegan clothing. But we’re more than that. We’re a company with a mission. We’re a brand and a movement. We are a team of animal-lovers driven by the belief that building a better world starts by making smarter decisions today. We’ve said farewell to animal by-products because vegan and cruelty-free is core to this idea, and we source innovative textiles and sustainable goods wherever possible. What we say, we mean. And whenever we can, we will do what it takes.

Cool without the cruel

Loving animals isn’t just a fad. Harming animals is never trendy, nor will it ever be. From the outset, Noize was dedicated to doing better. Instead of relying on animal by-products materials, our entire apparel line is crafted from textiles like vegan leather, wool, and fur. These ethical choices have earned us the prestigious PETA-certified designation. Let’s face it, this is a new decade and we’re leaving old ways behind. By the way, whoever says fur keeps you warmest clearly never tried on one of our coats.

Then and now

The Brand was Found

Founded in 2010, Noize entered the North American market as a passionate wholesale brand with a simple vision: we wanted to make cruelty-free outerwear widely accessible. While we dreamed of being successful—we couldn’t have predicted how wildly popular those early years were.

Green is everybody's colour

To us, a vegan lifestyle goes hand in hand with sustainability, which is why greener decisions are at the essence of what we do. From organic cotton and recycled fill, to sourcing innovative, repurposed materials like ECONYL® (nylon developed from discarded ocean waste), we take steps to ensure we’re doing the most for the environment. We’re always exploring new ways to ensure that our decisions have a positive impact on the environment today, and in the future, too. Our commitment to a better world is ongoing, our resolve to waste reduction is unwavering.

The future of fashion

Ambitious dreams and big plans are fueling us, so stay tuned for where Noize is headed next. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletters to hear about collection drops, exciting collaborations, and new store openings, first.

Our values

We're kind

Always vegan, always ethical, and always cruelty-free. We care about our brand’s impact on animals, people, and the planet.

We never skimp on quality

We’re in the business of building to last. Because to us, being ethical isn’t enough—we want our apparel to be the styles you’ll wear for seasons and seasons to come.

We're stylish

We know you’re always scrolling Instagram to see what your fave celebs are wearing. Our influences are the same as yours, and that’s how we’re able to offer you the most fashion-forward trends possible.

We’re fun

We take our commitment to the planet seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves doing it. Our team works hard, plays hard, and instills joy and happiness into everything we do.

We're funny

Life’s short, so let’s laugh. Look, we’ve got no plans for a Netflix comedy special, but we do try to put a smile on your face whenever possible, be that on our socials, our newsletters or interacting with our team at our stores.

Our Sustainable Practices

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re committed to pioneering change in an industry that could definitely use it.

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Free Shipping

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