Outerwear for all who care

Unapologetically You

As a cruelty-free brand, we are here to inspire inspirational people. Those who fearlessly travel their own paths, and know that it is our duty to leave this world better than we found it. With each new day, we strive to achieve more, excited to expand and embrace the new at every level of what we do. We've set the bar high — with a promise to keep it there — so you can live your life in style, authentically and unapologetically.

No one does cruelty-free, affordable, outerwear and culture like us.

While being a walking billboard for our own value system is at an ultimate high, cruelty-free outerwear comes at a compromising crossroad of price, fashion and giving a $hit.

Until now.

Welcome to NOIZE, a brand made for Today.

For Culture.

For the Quiet and Not-So-Quiet. The Voiceless.

The Change-Makers. The Believers. The Dreamers.

The Doers.

The Caring.

The Fun. The Nostalgic.

The Fluid. The Ageless.

The Inclusive.

The Future.

The Planet.

The Animals.

The Humans.

The Humane.


We’ve democratized cruelty-free in an otherwise cruel and elitist space: fashion outerwear.

Because someone had to, and we’re proud it’s us.

We use high-tech synthetic fabrics that are nearly identical to animal-derived materials in warmth, comfort and style. Better believe we’ve got that Peta-approved stamp of approval to prove it.

Not to mention, the footprint of our expertly hand-picked alternatives is minor compared to the environmentally taxing process (think resource, water, and pollution) of raising animals for their furs and feathers.

Oh, and all of our fills are made with 100% recycled plastic bottles.


It’s safe to say that with every purchase of NOIZE, you’ve spared an adorable and innocent animal, and you’ve contributed to saving the planet.

You’ve also equipped yourself to brace the frigid cold, the blistering wind and the pestering rain by looking on-point, and like a proud member of the World Community — without breaking bank.


That’s why we’ve made caring accessible to all who care about themselves, others, all living beings and the planet.

We're entitled to fashion— especially very warm outerwear — as much as anyone else.


It all starts with us.




What we wear, what we stand for, and how we govern ourselves.


Noize. Outerwear for all who care.