<strong> Fashion for Every Type of Spring Weather</strong>
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Fashion for Every Type of Spring Weather

Spring is right around the corner and we can’t wait for sunshine and shorts, backyard barbeques and hikes, sun-kissed skin, and longer days. But there’s still a high chance of rainstorms, winds, and snow in the forecast, even if we’re planting our summer gardens a little too early. Don’t let a potential thunderstorm or blizzard ruin your outfit by having to cover it with an outdated (and environmentally un-friendly) coat.

Our new Spring collection has everything you need to be stunning and styling this season, no matter the weather. Browse through colorful raincoats, zesty windbreakers, gorgeous vegan leathers and vests, and jaw-dropping trench coats. With these classy 2023 styles, the weather won’t be a match for your trendy wardrobe.

Raincoats For April Showers

Come Springtime, we always hear, “April showers bring May flowers” as it lashes rain, thunder, and lightning outside while we sit indoors wishing it were sunny. While we love a lush, green field, we don’t want to get caught in the rain without a coat.

We’ve all been there—an unexpected downpour as we’re commuting home waiting for the train or hanging out with our friends at a park. Rain rarely ever comes when we expect it to, no matter what the forecasters say. And we either don’t have a coat at all or usually something pretty flimsy that leaves us somehow more wet than if we just nixed the coat in the first place.

This season, stay dry with our uplifting raincoats. From mid-length with hoods and adjustable drawcord waists to long-length, snap fronts and self-belted, our raincoats are sure to please even the most rain-resistant fashionista.

Windbreakers For Unexpected Breezes

Another Spring weather favorite is high wind and unexpected breezes. We expect icy winds in Winter that freeze you to your core, but in the Springtime, we forget Winter is still hanging around. Sometimes Winter sneaks up on us when we’re sipping a warm tea with friends on a patio.

Our 2023 Windbreakers will put a stop to any cool, early spring breezes that try to sneak their way down the back of your shirt. Shop from our colorful Spring-inspired jackets with styles that are reminiscent of the ’80s, ’90s, and today.

Vegan Leathers and Vests for Warm Days and Cold Nights

There are two pieces of clothing you absolutely need for Spring’s warm days and chilly nights: vegan leathers and vests. With fluctuating weather throughout the day, you need to dress for the highs and lows, without driving yourself crazy trying to make all the fashion changes.

Vegan Leathers

Want to stay warm and still look like a boss babe? Look no further than vegan leather—all the punk rock without the cruelty. Our vegan leather is as buttery-soft as its animal-based counterpart, but this version doesn’t cause harm to cute cows and their calves.

Wind-resistant, ultra-durable, and forever stylish, we’re pretty sure you’ll be a convert for life once you’ve given vegan leather the green light. It’s a little bit of Spring and a lot of bit of rebel.


Another must-have this Spring is a vest. A key player in the layering game, a vest brings elegance and extra warmth to a normal outfit. It’s lightweight and is the perfect transitional piece between Winter and Summer. Pair it with a super-chic dress or flowy blouse and jeans.

A vest will keep you warm whether you’re hiking with friends, commuting to the office, or walking the dog on the weekend. You’ll keep your core warm while letting your arms move freely, and who doesn’t like autonomy for their limbs?

Trench Coats For High Fashion And Lowers Temps

As much as we hope for Winter to go into hibernation, we’re still bound to catch some surprise chills. For days that offer us a light version of Winter, trench coats are perfect to keep your entire body warm and your co-workers wondering where you got that snazzy jacket.

Originally made of waterproof heavy-duty fabric for British Army officers before WWI and usually only available in khaki, trench coats have now evolved into fashionable jackets worn by men and women the world over to keep warm and look good doing so.

Pair your trench coat with mini skirts, blue jeans, breezy blouses, or a fun belt. You’ll never run out of options with one of Noize’s stylish trench coats this 2023 Spring Season.

Whether you’re looking for a new vegan leather jacket, fresh raincoat, spunky vest, wickedly fun windbreaker, or daring trench coat, we have everything you need for a fun and fashionable Spring.

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