<strong>The Cutest Snowsuits For Your Favorite Winter Activities</strong>
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The Cutest Snowsuits For Your Favorite Winter Activities

Winter is such a magical time of the year. When the ground is covered in sparkling snow, families are making snow forts, and we’re all enjoying hot drinks around a fire. What makes playing outside in the blistering cold tolerable, and—dare we say it—enjoyable, is having a cute snowsuit to keep us warm and cozy.

Designed for warmth and comfort, these seriously cute coats and snow pants are cruelty-free and vegan and will make every outdoor winter activity all the more stylish.

Birdie Long-Length Ski Suit

This one-piece long-length ski suit will be the one piece everyone is talking about. With two large patch pockets with dual entry on the chest, you can stash your phone, wallet, and snacks and easily grab them for a quick picture or for a yummy mid-activity bite.

The belt can easily be removed and tucked away in one of the chest pockets or left at home while you’re out enjoying the winter wonderland. In fact, this vegan long-length ski suit will keep you toasty from temperatures up to -15°C/5°F.

Be the envy of everyone at the ski hill wearing Birdie, a long-length ski suit with a detachable blouson. Who knew outerwear could look this cool?

Wear This While:

Skiing or snowboarding. Having a single-piece ski suit means no powder sneaking up your back. The all-black ski suit will keep you looking cool, calm, and collected even if going down Black Diamond Trails have you feeling anything but.

Astrella Short Ski Jacket

For when it's cold out, but not too frigid, slip into Astrella, our hooded loose jacket. With its subtle colorway of greens, yellows, and reds, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a piece of art that is the also perfect transitional style to help you usher in colder temperatures, and look cute doing it.

The Astrella has three outer pockets and one inner pocket to house all your necessities when the weather takes a turn. The hood isn’t detachable, but you won’t want it to be when those cold, gusty winds flip through your town. With a bungee secured through the hood and hem, and jersey cuffs with thumbholes, you’ll be able to keep the cold out while still having fun in Winter.

Wear This While:

Since this is such a fun coat, we think you’ll have the most fun in it as you walk around the town enjoying all the festive lights while drinking something hot. Maybe a hot apple cider, a chai latte, or even a hot toddy.

Kenni Long-Length Ski Pant

Cruelty-free isn't just for coats. We also offer ski pants for those of you who want two pieces instead of one, but still very much want to stay warm in the cold. Both water-resistant and wind-resistant, our Kenni Long-Length Ski Pant will keep your legs warm in temperatures up to -15°C.

We especially love the adjustable elastic suspenders that’ll keep the Kenni from ever falling down, even in the most active of winter activities. With two outer pockets, a zipper closure, and back leg zippers, you’re prepared for a day on the slopes or even if you’re just shoveling your driveway.

Wear This While:

Pair the Kenni Long-Length Ski Pant with the Astrella Short Ski Jacket for an unbeatable cold-weather pair. Besides skiing and shoveling, these pants are perfectly suited for a day (or night) of ice skating. When’s the last night you laced up some skates and semi-balanced your way across a frozen lake? It sounds like now you have the perfect excuse to wear these pants.

Desiree Long-Length Ski Pant

Maybe you prefer suspender-less pants and for that, we have the Desiree Long-Length Ski Pant that comes in three different colors: Blood Orange, Black, and Winter White. The Desiree is a fitted ski pant with an adjustable waistband, so you can unlock major comfort and warmth while venturing out into winter weather.

With two outer pockets, you can store your essentials for quick access later or rest your hands in them when you’re waiting in line for the ski lift. The Desiree also comes with side leg zippers so if need a bit more ventilation, unzip these for some much-needed airflow.

Wear This While:

While the Desiree Long-Length Ski Pant would be perfect for any and all kinds of winter play, why not take these sledding? Unlock your inner child, find some friends who need a giggle, and find your nearest (or furthest away) hill. Adulting can get so boring sometimes and oftentimes, all we need is to introduce a little more play into our lives. Pick up the Desiree and don’t come home until you’ve laughed so hard your stomach hurts.

Madge Long-Length One-Piece Ski Suit

Everyone loves a throwback piece. Inspired by the one-piece ski suits of the 80s, we're bringing you Madge. This design is phenomenal for the ski hill, with its bright shell and cut-and-sew detailing. Coming in two colors: Oat with baby pink accents and black with light green color blocks, it’ll be hard to choose which one to buy. Or pick them both up to have for different activities throughout the winter.

Both water- and wind-resistant, as well as cruelty-free and vegan, you’ll stay snug while also doing good for the environment. Pair it with a turtleneck underneath for a very cute, very warm look.

If you’re as excited for winter as we are, you’ll have a hard time choosing which snowsuit to add to your wardrobe. If you’re fretting about the colder temperatures, the city blanketed in the snow, and less swimsuit time, just remember that this is only one season. Summer is coming.

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